All Star Cheerleading (Full Year)


SPRING/SUMMER (Pre-Season):  Tryouts for all-star program take place during the last week of April or early May continue throughout the month of May.  Private try-outs are available. Regardless of skill or previous experience, everyone is placed on a team at TKO Cheer.  The teams will practice together by levels during the summer developing strength, conditioning, and skills that will be later performed in their routine that season.

FALL (Training Season):  Practices are mandatory during this season beginning in August and the length of practice sessions also increase.  Our competitive routines are trained and developed through constant repetition and conditioning during the fall so that our teams are prepared for competition season.

WINTER (Competition Season):  Our teams compete in seven to eight competitions per season, taking place through the months of December – April.  We look at events offering Summit and US Finals bid opportunities.


Each season, our all-star teams compete both locally and nationally.

“Local” Competitions:  The Greater Metro-Atlanta Area

“National” Competitions: Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia etc.

Depending on the level team that your child is placed on, will determine how locally or nationally they will compete.  Typically, our lower level teams will not travel as much as our higher level teams.